Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A Semester in summery

It's been a good learning curve doing Film Production so far. It's been great to get to grips with new equipment (contributing to much better production values than I've been used to) and play around with what I can do with my environment (Preston). I'm still full of ideas with what I can do, I have a few film ideas in the making.

I've made "Labours" & "Labours 2" this year revolving around making a hot drink (one of our workshop exercises) but they were a lot of fun.

My major film of the year was "The Retrospectivist". This involved a man called Daniel trying to reverse time to prevent the death of his girlfriend. This wasn't my intention for my major film though. My major film was going to be something quite different, something of a slight love story, but still contains elements of the same story; a film called "Take Me Down".

While I wasn't able to make "Take Me Down" I was happy with the end result. I actually think it was unique in a way. We had a screening of all of our films at the end of the semester, and there were so many films about death and losing girlfriends and failed relationships it was hard to keep count; it also ment that if you were going to make that kind of plot enjoyable, it had to be unique. I felt mine did achieve this somewhat. It didn't involve looking at pictures, it didn't involve crying, it didn't involve mourning, there something quite sinister in there. It's more about our man, Daniel, becomin encapsulated in vicious cycle of delusion. He has no time to be sad, as he's tricked himself into working at reversing time...without giving too much of the plot away.

If you want to see what the hell I'm talking about and any of my other videos, please visit my new Youtube Channel:

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