Thursday, 26 March 2009

Do you make the most of university?

Are you part of a club or society? Do you take part in any sort of extra-curricular activities? Have you taken part in the student elections? Or do you just go to workshops, work, then stay in your room?

I'm afraid I'm guilty as charged. Do I like sleep too much? Do I need to get out more? Or am I fine exactly as I am?

It only really hit me the other day when one of my friend's from home came down to an open day. Her Dad was asking me about all the different societies and clubs that were available in UCLan...and well I was pretty much stumped. I couldn't tell him where to go to find out about them, or what any of them were called. He also asked about the student elections...I'd completely forgot they were happening. I mean I'd seen flyers and posters around campus, but my blissfully ignorant nature got the best of me, and I know there's many other who're exactly the same...Why?

It's not like I'm in a university which doesn't offer me any fun or interesting stuff. It's definately a great student union with more than enough to offer. Is it down to pure laziness, or the pure lack of money to do things?

From what I do, and from what I know of my friends, I think students find it very easy to find comfort in doing...well not a lot. I find myself in my room far too much. And unless my friends are at lectures or have jobs they do the exact same thing, or they're hanging out with me. It's a very easy "trap" to fall into. The whole concept of social living is fantastic in many respects. The fact that all your friends and either next door or in walking distance limits the need to move a lot. With the addition of shops being seconds away, it's very tempting to stay in all day.

I'm changing my course in September, so technically I'll be a first year again. And ever since I started thinking about all the things I've missed out on, I'm looking forward for a chance to be able to do it all again. I wasn't the typical drunken party animal that most people seem to be during freshers week; being straight edge doesn't really aid that. But I'm very comfortable in the knowledge that I can party without the aid of any of these toxic delicacies, I never really took advantage of that when I was a fresher...hopefully I can make the most of it the next time around.

So are you like me? Stay in your room quite a lot, a Facebook addict?...very lazy? Or are you like the other side of the coin and make the most of what your university has to offer?

And are you happy with how you spend your precious time?

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